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Thankful and grateful.

Even when life is bad, I hope you can see the good things around you. When I look around searching for things that make me happy, it doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, life just feels better. Despite having my moments and definitely not having it together all the time, I have to give a big ol' thank you shoutout to Jesus for giving me exactly what I need. No matter how big or small of an impact something or someone makes, it was brought into your life for a reason. I'll be first to admit that I take my blessings for granted, it's so easy to when you see people having fun without you, you forget about the people you're with or you see someone in a nice car, you forget that you're lucky enough to have a car that gets you from point a to point b. It's only human for our minds to automatically wish for things we want even though we already have all we need. Take a step back and look at all that God's given you. It's pretty amazing, right. Start each day by counting your blessings and I promise you it'll be difficult to see past them. It's not selfish to be thankful for the things you do either, are you kidding? The positive reinforcement towards yourself is healthy! We're out here trying to be the best versions of ourselves so thank yourself for how far you've come and stay hopeful for how far you have left to go.

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