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A crazy concept to realize about life is that you're never going to fully know who you are. You could spend your entire life soul searching but always have pieces still unknown and undiscovered. It's a beautiful and scary thing. Beautiful because you find aspects of who you are in the places where you weren't even looking. For example, in a book you read, or in a sunset you stumble upon. You grow with each step of life that you take and you add to your character at each high and low. It's amazing when you can look back at a year ago and two years ago and realize you aren't the same person anymore. And it's also really f'ing scary. It's scary because if you don't even know who you are or when you're going to change, how in the heck can you form relationships that mean anything? Back to the beauty of it all, the right people are going to be able to help you grow. The right people are going to be able to fit in to each chapter of your life and if you outgrow them, you will meet others who make the next size up that much better. The thing is, life isn't about always having the certainty of every single thing. It's not about searching for the certainties, either. Life, my friends, is about keeping an open heart and mind to invite these new aspects of you in. It's about taking things one day at a time and remaining constant in the parts of yourself that you do know. Keeping the foundations you already have and allowing the search for the rest of you to come as it may.

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