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Nourish your life.

Hey love, me again. I just wanted to let you in on a little secret. Your happiness starts with you. If you're not doing the things that you enjoy doing and the things that make you feel good, I don't blame you for being grumpy. Acknowledge it, change it, you're the only person that can fix it. Your goals, your body, your relationships all need some TLC. Time, love, and care baby. You get out what you put in and that's the truth. If you're trying to get a promotion, work hard to show your capabilities. If you want to fuel your body and feel good, eat healthier foods, and take time to exercise. If you want a closer relationship with the people in your life or with God, reach out. You are the writer of your own story and you get to chose what to put in it. Think about when a baby is born and you want to keep it so safe and put all the love you've ever felt in the world into this little child. You never want anything bad to happen to him or her. I'm not saying go out and get yourself a pacifier, but be gentle with yourself. If you feel empty, do something to fill yourself up. Recognize what you do for yourself and what you need to do more of. Recognize what foods make you feel energized. Recognize what people make you feel loved. Recognize what activities help you relax. Key in on those things, flood your life with a million tiny happy things and you'll soon be recognizing that your days are filled with joy and you'll flourish. Why? Because you nourished, you invested in yourself and in your happiness.

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