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It's not that serious.

I don't know who needs to hear this, probably everyone, but take a deep breath. Not everything needs to be treated like life or death, it's over for you, you're canceled. I promise, it's not that deep and you can carry on. Stress has a way of creeping in and when you let it overstay it's welcome, well how are you supposed to have fun? Whatever you're worried about, whether you got a bad grade on a test or you were late for work, let it go and do better next time. Oh well, nobody's perfect even Hannah Montana said so. She also said that life's what you make it and if you're a constant ball of stress, worried about this and scared about that, you're not making it rock... You feel me? There's a rule of fives I heard about that I'm going to share with you: if it's not going to matter in five years, don't spend more than five minutes worrying about it. I'm guilty as charged for not taking my own advice on this. I know first hand the anxieties of life and how easy it is to let them take over. But guess what? That's no fun! Like less fun than jury duty probably. I don't actually know, I've never had jury duty, but I'm just assuming it's not great because everyone complains about it. Anyways life is supposed to be fun, man. Think about how long you have on earth and then think of how much of that time you want to spend being carefree and happy. I'd hope those numbers are matching up for you. If not, then disregard this whole post. Moral of the story, you're not getting any younger so stop getting gray hairs over things that don't matter!! It is NOT that serious so just let it go love.

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