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I think too much.

Updated: Mar 12

Overthinking defined by Merriam Webster : to think too much about (something) : to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful

Overthinking defined by Bayli Dukek : The event occurring in my brain pretty much 24/7

What stands out to me from wise ol' Webster's definition is that last part. I'm in complete agreement that it is more baneful than beneficial. I've spent hours seeking out tips and tricks to aid in dismissing the snowball of thoughts in my head. Usually what you might hear if you talk to the wrong person is "just stop thinking about it." As if we haven't tried that? Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for over thinkers but that might not be a bad thing. Hear me out, maybe there is a way to flip the attitude about this issue we've got going on upstairs. I've recently been thinking (shocker there,) that if my brain can handle the endless catastrophes and worst-case-scenario's, there's got to be a part of me that is more-able to handle whatever life throws at me. If I have visualized and am ready for the worst, if that actually happens, oh well. Because constantly thinking you're doomed creates millions of insecurities, maybe don't do this all the time. Another way to look at it, to keep some of that confidence in tact, is controlling your thoughts, not letting your thoughts control you. I've started meditating on my anxious thoughts to try and understand the situations more clearly. For example, maybe I can't stop thinking about (what I considered to be) an awkward interaction with someone. I turn away from all distractions and get to the bottom of why I'm letting something that my brain is completely making up affect my mood. I then think about how that interaction will affect my future because these thoughts are a spiral, right. So when I believe, "Oh my gosh they think I'm so weird" or "They're probably making fun of me" which A., why should I care? And B., so what if they are? If they are the type of person to be thinking or doing rude things towards me, why would I waste my energy thinking about them? Boom. Logic. There's a million quirks about someone who overthinks everything, one is that we let what we think other people feel dictate how we feel. Raise your hand if you always know exactly how someone feels. Hmm, see the problem with this? We need to focus more on how we can tend to our own feelings rather than how we can tend to the feelings of others. If I kept assuming how that person felt after our interaction, I would continue to let my brain tell me I'm kind of a loser. See how I flipped the dialog into what I needed? At the end of the day, everything will be okay. Whether the end of the day comes easy or not, you can handle the hurdles and hopefully be able to look back laughing on how horribly it panned out in your head.

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