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How do I find this man?

It's understandable to be confused when you see a sweet old lady get diagnosed with cancer or get horrified every time you turn on the news. Where is God in all of this? I don't know why bad things happen but I do know that He probably isn't too thrilled that the earth He created isn't as heavenly as, well, heaven. Matthew 28:20 says "I am with you always even to the end of the world." He goes through all the BS too, find comfort in knowing that and take His hand so He can lead you through. You should never have to search very hard for God because He's always right there, always listening, and best of all, He always cares. His love for us is greater than the universe and He wants us to come to Him no matter what time and no matter what for. Although He can't stop all bad things from happening ever, He has a twenty-four-hour open arms policy. He wants you to come to Him with all your worries, anxieties, happiness, sadness- He wants you just the way you are and is up there just waiting for you to open your heart to him.

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