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Everything you need.

There are 7 fundamental human needs (according to Kenneth MD). Safety and survival are number one on the list. These are fairly basic, they call it street smarts for a reason. Just use common sense and don’t get involved in the Russian mafia and you should be good. Understanding and growth are number two. Empathy, sympathy, change. These three things are difficult for many people but necessary. Number three: love. Well, really, connection and acceptance but in simpler terms, love. Creation as number four. Being able to express yourself. Number five is esteem, identity, and significance. Feeling important (because you are). Autonomy is number six. Having the freedom to choose between the red or blue slushie at the movie theater is essential I don’t care who disagrees (the correct answer is blue, obviously). Finally, number seven is self-fulfillment. Choosing yourself and your happiness. To recap, survival, understanding, love, creation, esteem, autonomy, and self-fulfillment. These seven things go deeper than the surface as you know. We’d have stopped at number one if there was no meaning to life. But because there is, we need love, we need to be understood, we need to make time for ourselves. Did you know we need on average like eight hugs a day for development? I am unsure how you can do a study on that but it’s kind of a sad statistic that’s warm and fuzzy at the same time... My point is- we need things. We can’t just rely on ourselves and forget about numbers two and three. We very much so can’t only rely on other people and forget about numbers one, four, five, six, and seven. Just a side note: everything we need isn’t materialistic, there is so much more to life than a big diamond around your neck and a fancy car in your garage. It would be nice but at the end of the day, we are given everything we need. That is something I know I take for granted I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sometimes all it takes is one thing during the day to make us think we have nothing, but the reality of it is we have six and a half more things to be thankful for. I’m not trying to tell you to suck it up it’s more like embrace all that you have because you have everything you need.

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