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Be honest...

Okayyy, I see your highlight reels and accomplishments and success stories and applaud you. I'm proud of you for having things in your life that do give you bragging rights and that you did work hard for. However, I know that's not the full story. It's a part of your story, and that's great! But let's be real, you left out the messiness. You left out the parts of your story where you struggled, where you didn't think you were going to make it, where you wanted to give up. The crazy thing is, that's what makes the story so much more amazing. I'm not saying go around all the time expressing every single bad thing that's ever happened to you. No, I'm saying, when you've been in a place that wasn't exactly cute enough for the front page news, be honest. Having authenticity in your life can bring it to a whole other level. It takes some vulnerability, but like everything else outside your comfort zone, it's worth it. While it is so much easier to say 'Yeah, I did that. No big deal, it was easy. Next question.' It's like man, life happens. It sucks sometimes but hello... Relatable! Think about how much stronger of a connection you could have with people if you're as straight up about the bad as you are about the good. Don't hold back from voicing that it wasn't easy, it really actually put you to the test. You pushed through it though, and you did it! Stop pretending everything was sunshine and rainbows when there were storms you had to weather.

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