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G o d    i s   g o o d

I don't want to come off as some holier than thou, sits in church every single Sunday, bible-thumping angel because that is definitely not the case at all. I still have yet to trust in God with my whole heart let alone read the entire bible. I'm a work in progress when it comes to by-the-book religion but I'm growing stronger in my faith and have seen tremendous shifts within myself by doing that. I am and always have been a very anxious person and before letting Christ into my life, I thought I was going through all of my struggles alone. Little did I know He was there with me all along. He says to cast your anxieties unto him and the first time I had heard that I was like huh? You mean I'm carrying the weight of the world for no reason? YES! He has your whole life completely written out for you and I'm not biased or anything but He's a really good author. He knows what you're going to do before you do it and He knows how a situation is going to pan out before you're even confronted with it. He has your best interest in mind and is with you with every step you take on your walk of life. How comforting is that to know? It's hard to comprehend sometimes because it's honestly amazing. I don't want to tell you what to believe in but I've seen what God's done in my life and I know what He can do in yours if you let Him!

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